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Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy (SAP)

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Federal Regulations require students to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) while working towards an approved degree or technical certificate program at CCCUA. All hours attempted at or transferred into CCCUA will be counted as part of the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress. Academic Progress will be reviewed prior to a student’s initial enrollment period and at the end of each semester.

To be in good standing for Financial Aid, a student must:

  • Not Exceed Lifetime Eligibility for Pell Grant
  • Successfully complete at least 67% of all attempted credit hours
  • Have not received an Associate Degree* (Refer to Appeal Process on page 3)
  • Maintain a 2.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  • Be on track to complete degree plan within the maximum time frame

Financial Aid Warning:
Students will be placed on Financial Aid Warning if they do not complete 67% of attempted credit hours and/or do not maintain a 2.00 CGPA. The first semester a student fails to meet SAP, the student will be placed on financial aid warning and may receive financial aid. If the student does not meet SAP the following semester, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension.

How does Financial Aid Warning affect my financial aid? Students may still receive federal (Pell, SEOG and Federal Work-Study) funds. Students are eligible under the Warning status for one semester. At the end of the semester, the student must be in Good Standing.

Financial Aid Suspension:
If you do not attain the required cumulative GPA and/or credit hour completion ratio during your warning period, exceed your maximum credit hour timeframe required to complete your program, or receive all “F” grades or a combination of W’s and F’s during the semester, you will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. While on suspension, you are not eligible for financial aid programs. You may attend CCCUA, at your own expense, until you attain the cumulative GPA and cumulative credit hour completion requirement. To regain financial aid eligibility, your record must reflect that you have met these requirements at CCCUA (transferring to another college and transferring back to CCCUA does not remove your suspension status).

Financial Aid Warning and Financial Aid Suspension notifications are emailed to the student’s CCCUA email or by mail once academic transcripts are reviewed. Notice of Financial Aid Warning or Suspension may be issued for past semesters based on an evaluation of the student’s previous academic transcripts.

How does Financial Aid Suspension affect my financial aid? Students on Financial Aid Suspension are not eligible to receive federal (Pell, SEOG and Federal Work-Study) funding.

How can I be removed from Financial Aid Suspension? Being reinstated to Good Standing once the student’s CGPA and overall course completion rate meet the Good Standing minimum standards. Students may be reinstated to Financial Aid Probation status with an approved Financial Aid Appeal. Financial Aid Probation: Students may be placed on Financial Aid Probation for one payment period after an approved appeal. After Financial Aid Probation, the student must be making SAP or must be successfully following an academic plan.

Maximum Time Frame to Complete Program:
Students are expected to complete degree requirements after attempting a certain number of credit hours. The maximum attempted credit hours allowed for degree/certificate completion will be up to 150% of the credit hours needed to complete that type of degree. All credit hours count whether or not the student received aid. All hours attempted including repeated courses, F’s, W’s, I’s, P’s, and audits count toward the student’s maximum time frame. Students who change their degree and/or majors or who are pursuing a second degree are subject to the maximum number of hours. Changing your degree may suspend your Financial Aid if you cannot mathematically complete the degree within the maximum time frame.

Students must complete the requirements for a degree within the following time frames:
Cosmetology Certificate - 68 Credit Hours
Pipe Welding Certificate - 96 Credit Hours
Technical Certificates - 60 Credit Hours
LPN Certificate - 90 Credit Hours
Associate Degrees - 92 Credit Hours
PTA Associate Degree - 116 Credit Hours
OTA Associate Degree - 128 Credit Hours
LPN to RN Associate Degree - 185 Credit Hours

Transfer Students:
Transcripts from previous colleges will be evaluated in the same manner as CCCUA transcripts. Transfer hours accepted toward completion of the student’s program will count as hours attempted and completed. Students must submit completed official transcripts. If a transcript is received with “in progress” grades, the student will be required to submit a second official transcript with completed grades.

Repeated Courses:
Students may repeat a previously passed course once. Students may repeat a failed course until it is passed. All repeated courses will be counted against the maximum number of hours allowed. The highest grade received will be calculated in the student’s CGPA.

CCCUA is in compliance with EEO/AA/ADA in student and employment programs and activities. Call: 870.584.4471V or 800.844.4471V or AR RELAY Service for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired @ 711. 09/21/2021

Remedial Coursework:
Financial Aid will be awarded for up to 30 credit hours of remedial coursework. Remedial courses are not counted in the maximum timeframe allowed for the student’s degree.

Appeals Process:
Students whose aid is cancelled may appeal this decision ONLY if there are EXTENUATING circumstances. The appeal should include a statement explaining the request for Financial Aid reinstatement and an explanation of the reasons for the request and what has changed that will now allow the student to be successful in meeting the SAP standards.

The Appeal Form and all required supporting documentation must be submitted to the CCCUA Financial Aid Office by the first day of classes for the current semester. Appeal forms are available at the Financial Aid Office or you can download one from our website *If you have completed a two year degree within published credit hours and lack one semester (15 credit hours) to complete a second degree, you only need to provide an Appeal Form, degree audit and explanation of how an additional two year degree will benefit your educational intent.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals are reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. The committee meets as needed. Their decision is final and the student will be sent a response to their CCCUA email account or by mail. 

SAP Credit Hour Requirements