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Cossatot Compliments

This form is designed for UAC employees to recognize other UAC employees for unique or resourceful ingenuity; exceptional customer service; meeting special needs; and/or contribution to success of department/UAC goals. Responses will be published below.

Cossatot Compliments Form


Recognized Employees

Kim Dickerson Division Chair of Medical Education, DeQueen Campus
Kim works very hard to keep her department moving.  This has been a challenging semester with various departmental needs, but along with supporting her department and faculty, she has been developing TWO new programs. This in itself deserves recognition!  What she does is appreciated!


Past Recognitions


Tammy Heminger OTA Program Director, Ashdown Campus

"Tammy goes above and beyond to support the college, her program and her faculty.  She consistently works to create a collaborative and caring environment for the students and faculty. 

Tammy always advocates for her students and program staff, recognizes their contributions, and recognizes their achievements.  She seems to keep it all moving seamlessly from behind the scenes." 

Linda Young Career Pathways, Nashville Campus

"Ms. Linda works hard in helping students through Career Pathways. She also works hard on the Valuing Employees Committee using her cooking and planning skills. She does a great job with both of these positions."

Lauren Wishard Admin. Specialist Front Desk, DeQueen Campus

"Lauren is a wonderful asset to our college. She is always creating innovative ways to keep us all informed. In addition to a job well done, she is always a delight to engage with. If you're in need of a smile, or anything else, stop by her desk and she will be happy to help!"

Dennis Guzman Social Media Specialist, Nashville Campus

"Where do I start... Dennis goes above and beyond to help wherever needed. He is always willing to lend a helping hand, and no feat is too small for him to tackle. He has one of the most giving hearts and would probably literally take the shirt off his back and give it to someone in need. So glad we have Dennis working for UA Cossatot. He is a true asset to our institution." 


Tiana Kelly Skilled & Technical Advisor, DeQueen Campus

"Tiana works so hard to ensure our students are taken care of, and we are so thankful to have her on our team! Her dedication and excellent work ethic contribute to the success of the Professional and Technical Programs division. Thank you for all you do for us!!"

Faith Miller Nashville ERC Tutor
"I nominate Faith Miller due to her excellent tutoring skills and compassion towards student needs both during tutoring sessions and outside of tutoring. Faith does an outstanding job with each student that needs assistance in the ERC."