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First Time College Student

We are excited that you have chosen UA Cossatot to be your first step towards the career and higher education that you need to achieve your personal goals! Follow the steps below to complete the admission, financial aid, and enrollment processes.

1. Apply for Admission

All students wishing to attend UA Cossatot must first complete an admission application.

2. Apply for Specific Programs

If you are coming to complete any of the following degrees, you will need to apply for the specific program:

3. Submit Documents

You will need to submit the following documents to complete the admission process. This must be completed before any financial aid will be awarded to your account and before you can enroll in classes.

  • Official high school transcript with graduation date and final GPA (must be sent directly from high school) OR GED certificate showing test scores
  • UA Cossatot does not require placement scores for admission or placement in most classes.  However, students with ACT scores may present those in order to bypass refresher or developmental sequences, and qualify for scholarships. (UA Cossatot offers the Compass test through Testing Centers on all three campuses.)
  • Proof of immunization showing TWO doses of MMR (Arkansas state law requires we keep on file proof of two immunizations against measles (rubeola), and one immunization against rubella and mumps. Your high school, county health department, or family doctor may have a copy of your shot record. Students born before January 1st, 1957, are not required to provide proof of immunization)
  • Additional documentation may be required, such as a copy of a valid driver's license or signed social security card.

4. Apply for Financial Aid

Apply for financial aid by the following dates to receive federal aid for the semester you are applying for:

To receive semester aid please submit all documents by:

Fall - May 1

Spring - November 1

Summer - April 15

Students who submit their application after the priority deadline are still eligible for financial aid, but may need to pay their tuition before the payment due date.

5. Apply for Scholarships

The UA Cossatot Scholarship application deadline is April 1 every year. However, scholarships that may become available throughout the year are posted as they are opened.

6. Register for classes

Once we have received these documents, you will be able to register for classes. Advisors are available on campus to help you select the classes you need.  You can click here to see the classes needed for your particular degree, and here to see classes offered next semester