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Student Diversity Association (SDA)  

Student Diversity Association (SDA)  is a UA Cossatot student organization that helps promote diversity, unity, and overall well-being. SDA helps provide support for all students with additional emphasis towards students who may face more obstacles than the common student due to language barriers or cultural background.  Participation helps create events in which unity, diversity, awareness, and cultural education are shared with UAC and/or the service area communities.  SDA also collaborates with other UAC  organizations to ensure unity across all campuses.  By being part of SDA, students learn to give back, which is a very important characteristic as they learn to become professionals.  SDA believes that students need the humility to give of oneself for someone else.  SDA meets the second Friday of every month.  

Raising Money for Scholarships

Through fundraising we seek to raise money for non-Pell eligible students and educational trips.  Some examples include: Diversity Festival, Bake sales, concession stands at home UAC Colts Club Soccer games, De Queen Christmas Parade and sometimes even lending a helping hand to other campus organizations as needed.  

SDA Leadership

SDA helps promote leadership on campus by offering leadership positions.  Leadership roles include president, vice president and secretary.  SDA leader nominations are accepted and elected every fall semester by club members and must have served as a previous member for at least a year.  Student leadership is the ability of the student body to influence major decisions requiring the leader to consider “listening” and “valuing” and the incorporation of the ideas that students propose.  Although there are no credits obtained or grades given, student leaders obtain hands-on experience because they are thrown into an environment that helps them gain valuable experiences for a lifetime.  Planning, decision making, communicating, and working as teammates are some skills learned as SDA leaders. 
For more information, contact Jocelin Glavez
Phone: 870-584-63