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Privacy Rights of Students

You may request to examine the school records pertaining to you. The College keeps the following types of records or information:

  1. Original application for enrollment
  2. Admissions document
  3. Advising notes, grades and progress reports
  4. Electronic media: These records are kept in the Office of Student Services. Your written request to look at the records will be granted within a reasonable period of time. Copies of your grades will be provided upon written request, providing your financial account is clear and all admission documents are on file.

Data from your records cannot be released without your consent in writing, except to the following:

  1. School personnel who need information
  2. Your application for financial aid at another college
  3. Accrediting organizations
  4. Research studies for developing tests, administering student aid and improving instruction
  5. Oral communications not based on educational records
  6. Protection of health and safety to others

State and Federal authorities directory information is usually released to anyone on an as-needed basis. If you do not want directory information released, you must advise the Registrar’s Office in writing at the beginning of each semester. If you want information released to any person, business, or organization, you should submit a written request to the Registrar’s Office or sign a release form for the Placement Office. Confidential information related to disabilities can only be released if a student and a minor student’s parent or guardian signs a release form.

Directory information includes:

  • Name, address, telephone number, email address, and advisor
  • Major field of study and official school activities
  • Enrollment status
  • Degrees and awards

UA Cossatot's Privacy Policy complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended.