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Adult Education Programs

The following programs are available through the Adult Education Department at UA Cossatot:

Adult Basic Education (ABE) - Adult Basic Education is designed for the adult learner who wishes to strengthen reading, writing, math, or life-coping skills. The program offers basic instruction for adults functioning below an eighth grade level in reading, math, and/or language. Individuals are pre-tested to determine reading, math, and vocabulary entry levels. 

GED/Adult Secondary Education (ASE) Program—Adult Secondary Education or General Education Development classes offer instruction to adults who are preparing to pass the GED® exam or who desire to enhance essential skills. Four areas of instruction are provided: Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Individual instruction is based on the student’s entry level and needs. Class enrollment/attendance is open-entry, open-exit. Program completion is attained with passing the GED® tests and receiving an Arkansas High School diploma or by reaching an individual’s goal.

English as a Second Language—ESL classes are provided for adults whose native language is not English. Adults receive instruction in English and in learning how to cope in American society. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced ESL classes are available. Some classes include instruction suggested by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service to prepare the student for the citizenship examination. The class format is open-entry, open-exit. ESL classes are offered at UA Cossatot De Queen Campus, UA Cossatot Nashville Campus, and other sites as needed.

Digital Literacy—Introduction to computer classes provided instruction in the operation of the computer, basic computer terminology, uses and applications, and provides a brief introduction to word processing. Computer Literacy is currently provided for students enrolled in adult education programs or workplace environments. Computer Literacy is designed to assist enrolled students in becoming literate in the use of technology as a learning tool and not to provide comprehensive training to achieve proficiency in specific software programs.

Employability Skills —This program provides training to enable adult learners to become better informed and more highly skilled for the changing world of work. The instruction provides a comprehensive grounding in the knowledge and skills learners need to succeed in the workplace.

Financial Literacy- Students learn the essential skills for continued financial success throughout life, helping them to be responsible, contributing citizens and members of society. The course helps students learn to save money, distinguish the difference between wants and needs, manage a budget, pay their bills, buy a home, pay for college, and plan for retirement.

Health Literacy-Health literacy offers knowledge in understanding basic medical language and core concepts, how to navigate the healthcare systems and access information. They also learn how to communicate their medical issues, maintain preventative care and mental health, answer questions, make informed decisions and follow aftercare and dosing instructions. 

Basic Keyboarding—The student will have a private typing tutor in this computer CD-ROM program. The student will get personalized exercises, exciting games, and instant feedback to improve typing proficiency.

College Preparation-The student will have access to a private computer program to upgrade basic skills needed to successfully pass the college placement test, the ACCUPLACER.

Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) —The Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate is a certificate based upon the WorkKeys® assessments that demonstrates to employers that an individual possesses the basic workplace skills required for 21st century jobs. Areas tested include Workplace Documents, Applied Math, and Graphic Literacy. Upon completion the student will receive a state-issued certificate in Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

WAGE/Workforce Preparation—Students can earn a Level 1 workforce preparation certificates that prepares students for the workforce. Students will learn soft skills, financial literacy, basic digital literacy skills; learn career interests; complete a resume and cover letter; gain interview skills; and improve basic typing skills.

Integrated Education and Training (IET)-The program allows students to enroll in college programs while working to pass the GED exam. There are eligibility requirements to qualify. See your instructor for information. Programs available: welding and diesel technology. CNA classes may also be offered to interested individuals.

For more information regarding adult education programs, please call 870-584-1114.