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UA Cossatot Alumni Association

UA Cossatot Alumni Association

Welcome to UA Cossatot’s Alumni Association!

The UA Cossatot Alumni Association is dedicated to serving alumni and friends of the college.

It is the mission of the UAC Alumni Association to provide opportunities for alumni and friends to stay connected with UAC through communications, programs, and services that foster a lifetime relationship with the college and exhibit pride in UA Cossatot.

In addition to providing you with exclusive benefits, your membership to the UAC Alumni Association helps advance students and the institution by supporting vital initiatives. The most important benefit is the knowledge that you're supporting the students, your community, and your college.

Join here!   

Benefits for association members include:

  • Newsletters highlighting UA Cossatot Foundation scholarships and activities
  • Free admission to Lunch & Learn events 
  • Exclusive UA Cossatot merchandise
  • Special gifts and more!                                                              

Current Members               

Addison Womack –Class of 2016
Ana Victoriano –Class of 2016                                                                                                                                           
Andrea Jones -Class of 2019
Arwen McDaniel –Class of 2016
Beatrice Gaona –Class of 2015 
Ben Renfrow -Class of 2014
Beverly Foreman –Class of 2006 & 2015
Brettny Lynch- Class of 2016
Carolyn Wilkerson –Class of 2003
Carrie Foreman –Class of 2014 & 2016
Chad Roldan –Class of 2013
Cristal Calderon –Class of 2012
Crystal Brown –Class of 2016 
Dustin Roberts -Class of 2014
Elizabeth Bowman –Class of 2015
Emily Dowdy –Class of 2015
Emily Newlin
Eula Faye Whisenhunt –Class of 2001
Jeannie Stevens –Class of 2005 & 2007
Jennifer Brizo –Class of 2012
Jennifer Stewart –Class of 2016
Jerald Birmingham –Class of 2003
Jimmy Arnold –Class of 2002
Julie Wakley –Class of 2008
Justin White –Class of 2006
Kaitlin Gleba –Class of 2016
Karter Castleberry- Class of 2017
Kay Cobb 
Keisha Eanes –Class of 2016
Kelly Plunk –Class of 1998 & 2010
Linda Cavanagh –Class of 2004
Lorena Slatton –Class of 2016
Loretta G. Fultz –Class of 2016
Madison Woodruff –Class of 2016
Maira Martinez –Class of 2016
Megan McMillan –Class of 2016
Michael Vobora -Class of 2017
Michelle Whisenhunt –Class of 2016
Mike Cranford –Class of 2006
Patrick Massey- Class of 2007
Patty Sharp
Sabrina Whisenhunt –Class of 2016
Samantha Clowers –Class of 2016
Samantha McClane –Class of 2011 
Sarai Esquivel –Class of 2016
Shalonda Roberson –Class of 2011
Sharonda Miller –Class of 2000 & 2005
Shawnda Chester –Class of 2009
Stephanie Harrison- Class of 2016
Steve Cole 
Suzanne Ward 
Tawana Newton –Class of 2016
Te’Kayla Works –Class of 2012
Tiffany Maurer –Class of 2014 & 2016
Victor Rojas –Class of 2016
Wendy Garcia –Class of 2014