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The Mission Statement for Cossatot Community College-UA is: Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas, an institution of higher education, is a public two-year college located in Southwest Arkansas and is dedicated to serving students who wish to achieve academic, personal, or career goals. The College seeks to encourage in each student the values essential for effective citizenship; the desire for lifelong learning; the techniques for applying knowledge and skills to personal, career, and community life challenges; and an understanding that all individuals have worth and potential. To achieve this mission the College strives to carry out the following purposes, which directly relate to the mission statement:

I.    To provide employment education for students to gain competence in skill areas and knowledge for entry into the global workforce.

II.    To offer quality higher education courses which may transfer to another educational institution.

III.    To offer a general education foundation in all programs that will enhance the student’s personal growth, skills, and understanding.

IV.    To provide developmental educational programs to allow individuals to reach their personal or occupational goals or to prepare for college-level course work.

V.    To provide opportunity for those needing adult basic education, general adult education, computer literacy, or English speaking and writing skills.

VI.    To provide student services including, but not limited to, counseling and guidance, career exploration and assistance, financial aid, and opportunities for extracurricular activities.

VII.    To provide the facilities of the College and the talents of its professional staff to its publics in order to support educational, civic, and cultural endeavors within each community in the service area.

VIII.    To provide leadership for and participate in economic development activities to enhance employment opportunities in the service area.

IX.    To work with local schools, community organizations, and state and federal agencies to encourage high school students and adults to continue their education beyond the twelfth grade or its equivalent.

X.    To provide educational and skill development by selecting delivery systems that encompass technology and alternative attendance patterns, and accepting creditable prior learning.

Medical Education
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