Why UA Cossatot?

Many students have asked the question, “Should I finish my associate’s degree, or just transfer over to the university and work on my bachelor’s?” Your individual circumstances and goals often determine how and when you can complete an Associate’s degree, and some have options that allow you to finish it at a four-year institution. Even so, there are five really good reasons why you should complete your Associate’s degree at UA Cossatot before moving on – or up.

Program Articulation

The most popular, obvious, publicized, and well-considered reason to obtain an Associate’s degree is to complete a program and then successfully transfer courses and credits to a university. Most community colleges now have articulation agreements with universities that allow Associate’s degree completers to transfer specific courses and programs nearly seamlessly. The Arkansas Course Transfer System  can tell you exactly which UA Cossatot courses will transfer to other Arkansas schools.

Terminal Work Force Program Completion

The value of a skills-rich Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) should never be underestimated. What an excellent gateway to a brighter economic future! Many A.A.S. degree programs have affiliations with external accrediting and professional organizations which help strengthen their courses of study, leading to immediate employability for completers. Whether you choose nursing, heavy equipment operation, truck driving, computing — or dozens of other programs — the career benefits of such a degree should not be overlooked, even if you hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree in other academic fields.

A Rung on the Ladder to Personal Success

Your Associate’s degree can serve a very important psychological purpose: it’s an important academic milestone, especially if you’re the first in your family to attend college. Many students complete bachelor’s and graduate degrees later because they completed an associate’s degree first, proving to themselves they had the tenacity, ability, and “right stuff” to succeed in college. By completing an Associate’s degree, you can take pride in your accomplishment and project a future filled with other academic successes.
Future Career Plans

You might like college so much you want to work at one. Holding an Associate’s degree might help you land a job at a college like UA Cossatot. When a community college district screening group or committee looks at your résumé and notices that you hold an AA, AS, or AAS, they may recognize that your experience within the community college culture enriches your application.

Immediate Career Advancement

If you already have a job - and many community college students do - the Associate’s degree can mean a promotion, an increase in pay, or supervisory experience. An Associate’s degree is a college degree and is often held in high esteem by employers. What’s more, its impact on lifetime earnings has been well-documented. Many students like you aren’t familiar with the maze of curriculum requirements or programs, certificates, and degrees that are available. You should know that the people in our Student Services and Financial Aid offices are dedicated to helping you navigate that maze. At first, you might not have come to UA Cossatot to complete a degree program, but you should know that an Associate’s degree can be a very positive and valuable possession.

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